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Ethiopia, an East African country, is endowed with historical, cultural and natural resources. It is a federal democratic country administratively divided into nine regions and two city states. It covers an area of 1,112,000 square kilometers. It is the second most populous country in Africa next to Nigeria. Ethiopian topography ranges from the highest Ras Dashen Mountains peaking around 4600 meters above sea level to Danakil Depression laying 116 meters below sea level. The country is the source of Blue Nile River which contributes 86 per cent of the total of Nile water. It has 21 National Parks which shelter endemic flora and fauna species. It is the cradle of humankind and a home of more than 80 ethnic groups which are coexisting peacefully. It is ranked first in Africa by registering 11 world heritage sites by UNESCO. Moreover, the country is the seat of the headquarters of the various international organizations such as the African Union (AU), the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and more than 105 embassies. Ethiopian Airlines, a renowned national flag carrier in Africa, shoulders double responsibility to connect Ethiopia and the rest of the continent to the outside world. In religious terms, the country is famous for its Christian holy places such as Aksum (St. Mary Tsion Church which houses the Ark of Covenant), Lalibela (also called African Petra, the second Jerusalem) and Muslim sites such as Al Nejashi (in Wikro, Tigray region) and Dire ShiekHussien (in Bale, Oromia region). People of the southern part of Ethiopia, composed of 56 ethnic groups, are known for their unique cultural practices. In general, Ethiopians are known for their hospitality and welcoming nature.

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Our vision is to be one among the top five tour operators in Ethiopia, Ethiopia by 2025 through offering responsible tailor made and package tours to visitors with reasonable price and quality service.


Our mission is to offer responsible tour packages and ancillary services to visitors respecting the values of the religious, historical, cultural and natural heritage sites, and creating additional source of income for local communities inhabited in an around the tourist sites.


  • To attract visitors to the country by promoting its valuable tourism resources
  • To build the image of the country throughout its operation without deteriorating the communities’ cultural and religious values and the natural environment.
  • To provide appropriate care to tourists visiting the attraction sites
  • To generate income by offering sustainable tours to the various heritage sites of the country
  • To create employment opportunities for communities inhabited at tourist destinations

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